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caring for post-menopausal women Key messages

  Informing women of the positive points related to the age of menopause, help them to benefit from this experience and gives them a sense of reassurance and optimism. Women must follow the necessary instructions about dealing with and treating menopausal symptoms to maintain a healthy body that contributes to alleviating their symptoms. Infor ..

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Menopause is a natural change that occurs to a woman when her menstrual cycles end, As a result of the cessation of the activity of the ovaries and a decrease in the level of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Amenorrhea is confirmed when 12 months have passed without a period. It often happens in most women when they are between 45 and 55 years old. This stag ..

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Menopause symptoms

A woman needs to know that this change in the body is accompanied by many symptoms, some of which may be annoying, and she should take medical advice, the most prominent of which are: Sudden hot flashes and sweating Pain in the back, chest, and joints Abdominal bloating and weight gain Drowsiness and laziness. Dryness in the genital tr ..

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Health problems that may occur after menopause

The incidence of cardiovascular disease increases when a woman reaches menopause because estrogen is involved in fat metabolism and contributes to protecting women from atherosclerosis and heart disease before menopause, as it was found that the incidence of heart attack is very low in women before menopause compared to men. High blood pressure High ..

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