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adolescents and youth Reproductive health

  The World Health Organization defines the period for adolescents in the age group between 10-19 years and youth as the age group between 18-24 years. The World Health Organization has divided adolescence into three stages, which overlap to varying degrees: Early adolescence: 10-14 years of age Middle adolescence: 14-17 years of age Late ad ..

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The Human Reproductive System: Its Parts and Functions

Male reproductive system Externally The male reproductive system consists of the penis or male reproductive organ, and the receptacle of the testicles, or scrotum, that keeps the testicles at an appropriate temperature. Internally The male internal reproductive system consists of three parts: The testicles: They are oval and encl ..

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The importance of personal hygiene

      It is very important to focus on the issue of personal hygiene, especially concerning the female and male reproductive systems at the same time, because lack of hygiene may cause infections and many problems that expose the safety of females and males to a risk that may reach infertility.   Therefore, everyone must consider the importance of washing ..

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    This topic is very important because it helps females and males in the age of youth and adolescence to identify, either directly or through their parents or through health and social workers, the physical and psychological developments that they will witness and deal with them consciously and rationally.   It is obvious that young people and adolescen ..

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