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Symptoms and signs of puerperal woman depression :

  • Persistence of impatient associated with childbirth for more than two weeks
  • Sudden and strong symptoms one or two months after birth.
  • A sharp change in sleeping habits such as severe insomnia and lack of sleep despite feeling severe fatigue
  • It may be the opposite, such as sleeping in deep sleep or abnormally long sleep
  • A sharp change in appetite for food, by decrease or increase
  • A sharp change in the relationship with the child, such as intense fear for the child to the point of refusing to deal with him for fear of harming him or losing interest in him to the extent that she feels that she is unable to love this child and trying to harm him.

A sharp change in mood, such as:

  1. Feelings of sadness, remorse, inferiority, and inability to practice motherhood
  2. Bouts of intense depression and overwhelming happiness
  3. The desire to commit suicide or to harm the child