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They are the social roles, values, and responsibilities expected of males and females which are defined by society. They are acquired through social interaction and are subject to change over time. They differ from one society to another and from one culture to another. Those roles are determined based on the culture of a society in terms of religion, social class, e ..

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The concept of sex refers to the physical and biological differences between males and females, which take a universal character that does not differ according to time and place . 

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Gender needs

As a result of the different gender roles between men and women, their needs differ and vary. Because development is based primarily on the development of the general surrounding conditions and the means and ways through which individuals meet their needs, the needs from a gender perspective, identifying and clarifying their differences is extremely important. Gen ..

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Gender Relations and Gender Roles

The role generally means the behavior expected of an individual in a particular social setting or situation. The gender-related role means the behavior expected of the individual according to his gender, whether he is a man or a woman. While social roles are divided into acquired and inherited, gender roles are acquired in the sense that the individual learns them du ..

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Gender justice

It refers to justice in the rights, responsibilities, needs, and opportunities available to both women and men, and girls and boys in the same society . Gender justice means the process of achieving justice in the treatment of men and women while taking into account the different experiences and life needs of each, which involves compensation for any historical and s ..

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Gender Equality

Means equal access to services, goods, resources, and opportunities in all areas of life for men and women to enable equality in human rights. 

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Gender discrimination

Any distinction, exclusion, or restriction made based on sex and whose effects or symptoms weaken or frustrate the recognition of human rights and fundamental freedoms of women in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil, or any other field. This also means any discrimination, exclusion, or other preference that has the effect of nullifying or weakening t ..

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